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SCR Pure Plus 6

This rotor is designed as a Top quality OE replacement part.

It is an economical option to replace your standard rotors for a higher quality component with slots for better performance. These slots are directional and the curved design is for low noise which is suitable for your road car.

The cooling vane design of the SCR Pure Plus 6 rotor is very similar to OEM designs. This is a design that is economical to manufacture and provides sufficient ‘rotor mass’ to handle all road conditions. This means you get an improvement from OEM, but at the right cost.

Manufactured in Japan using top quality cast iron to Project Mu specifications, these rotors are ideal for your street car.

SCR PurePlus Features

Race Proven Heat Dissipation

Utilising OEM Vein Technology, the Pure Plus 6 rotor achievies good rotor mass and healthy airflow by replicating a vane design similar to OE. The cost is lower, but quality is much higher.

Advanced Heat Treating & Materials

Typical Manufactured rotors can often become distorted through hard driving, however Project Mu rotors are built from a high-alloy high-carbon cast iron with a unique heat treatment to every disc.

Structure 1 Piece
Material FC cast iron
Slots 6 Curved Slots

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Pure Plus 6 Front Set
Pure Plus 6 Rear Set
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