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SCR-GT uses SCR-Pro rotors and technology with the addition of floating mounts. The floating system is used in motorsport applications to allow the rotor to move independently of the bell / hub which allows some movement at temperature.

The cast iron has very high levels of carbon and alloy, 8 straight slots and an advanced core vane design resulting in very high heat transfer qualities. Additionally, the SCR GT is a two-piece design that comes assembled to anodized billet alloy disc hats making them lighter than EOM rotors.

The SCR GT employs motorsport experience and technology that provides the highest possible heat transfer properties of all Project Mu rotors. The vanes are designed to create additional turbulence inside the rotor without compromising air flow which in turn transfers more heat from the rotor to atmosphere. 

The disc itself is completed in black chrome to further increase life and resistance to distortion. Ideal for race, rally and drift applications or simply as a premium upgrade to your road car.

SCR-GT Features

Floating Hat

Floating hats allow differential expansion of disc and hat which reduces stress in the rotor to work against cracking and distortion at high temperatures. It also allows for flex in the knuckle / wheel bearing to reduce knock-off and the resultant 'long pedal'.

Race Proven Heat Dissipation

Utilizing PMU Vein Technology, the SCR-GT achievies high heat dissipation by directing the air to the center rather than vertically, accelerating the flow rate via angled fins..

Advanced Heat Treating & Materials

Typical Manufactured rotors can often become distorted through hard driving, however Project Mu SCR & SCR-GT rotors are built from a high-alloy high-carbon cast iron with a unique heat treatment to every disc - essentially elimating this distortion while creating an unbeatable racing rotor. In addition, an anti-rust coating is applied to the surface to keep a good finish.

Lightweight 2-Piece Construction

The SCR-Pro and SCR-GT utilize a billet aluminum bell housing. This helps to reduce unsprung weight which is directly linked to reducing the burden on braking. In addition, replacement rotors can be bought seperately for a cost effective braking solution.

Structure 2 Piece
Rotor Carbon/Alloy Iron
Hat Floating - Billet Alloy
Slots 8 directional straight

SCR-GT Front Rotor Pair
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