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The new Project Mu rotor for the entry level customer looking to improve the look and performance of standard brake packages. The CRD rotors are vented and slotted.

CRD Features

Race Proven Heat Dissipation

Utilizing PMU Vein Technology, the CRD is designed with large areas in the directional vane design for air to pass through. The mass of the rotors do a lot of the work in dealing with heat.

Advanced Heat Treating & Materials

Typical Manufactured rotors can often become distorted through hard driving, however Project Mu SCR & SCR-GT rotors are built from a high-alloy high-carbon cast iron with a unique heat treatment to every disc - essentially elimating this distortion while creating an unbeatable racing rotor. In addition, an anti-rust coating is applied to the surface to keep a good finish.

Structure 1 Piece
Material FC Cast Iron
Slots 8 directional straight

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CRD Front Set
CRD Rear Set
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