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Caliper Kits
Built with the technologies that make us so successful on the circuit, Project Mu brake caliper kits have everything you need to bolt to your street car.

All Kits come with:
  • Calipers
  • 2-Piece Rotors
  • B-Spec Pads
  • Teflon Lines
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Fittings
  • Forged Caliper Kit

    4 Piston x 4 Pad

    Top of the 4 piston Forged Sports range, this caliper kit is ideal for medium to large cars such as WRX, Supra, RX& etc. Larger rotor sizes available with this model.

    4 Piston x 4 Pad Slim

    This kit offers identical 'looks' to the full sized 4 piston kit, just with a more sleek design to allow a wider choice of wheels. Also available with 332mm rotors to suit 17" wheels.

    4 Piston Slim

    A high performance brake upgrade kit to suit small to medium sized cars using 15 – 16” wheels such as the MX5, Celica, Integra and Suzuki Swift.

    4 Piston mini

    This 4-piston Forged Sports caliper kit is the ideal package for compact cars such as Mazda MX5, Mitsubishi Colt and Suzuki Swift.

    Drift Rear

    Purely designed for drift, this dual-circuit caliper has been built to have both foot and handbrake plumbed in. 4 pads per caliper means 2 pads can be used for foot brake and the other two for the handbrake!