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4 Piston x 4 Pad Slim Caliper Kit

A premium 4 piston caliper upgrade kit with 4 pads per caliper! 4 pads per caliper means twice the leading edges per pad. This also means the caliper has far greater control of the pads force distribution meaning a better feel through the brake pedal. Using either 332x28mm or 355x28mm two piece rotors this kit is also a SLIM version meaning a larger range of wheel choice. Overall, this is 16mm slimmer than the 4 piston / 4 pad kit and with the 32mm rotor, will fit most 17" wheels on todays market..

Caliper dimensions: length : 282.8mm / width : 140.2mm / height : 72.3mm

* Color options are + $400 and made to order only.
Caliper Forged Alloy
Pistons 4 piston / 4 pad
Pads B-Spec*
Rotors 332 or 355 ×28mm
Lines Teflon + Steel Mesh
* Pads can be swapped for different compounds at extra cost
All P.MU Caliper Kits come with Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Lines & Brackets