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4 Piston x 4 Pad Drift Rear Kit

Rear caliper kit for drifting that controls the foot and parking brakes with one caliper.

The body of the SLIM FORGED SPORTS CALIPERS (4 Pistons × 4 Pads) has been improved for rear vehicle use. This product is a specialized brake caliper kit for drifting. The two opposing pistons on one end operate the foot brakes, and the two opposing pistons on the other end control the hydraulic parking brake. With regular in-drum parking brakes, there are limited choices for friction materials, and there are brake shoe durability problems resulting from the severe conditions created by drifting. With the handbrake cable, troubles such as wire stretching also occur after frequent use. By changing to this new braking system, such problems can be avoided. In addition, the friction materials for the foot and parking brakes can be changed to different materials, enabling the creation of a braking system that is more responsive to the driver. Repeated road testing has been carried out in Japan since 2006, and the product has earned high praise from top drift drivers in Japan, USA and Australia. .

Caliper dimensions: length : 282.80mm / width : 140.20mm / height : 80mm

Caliper Forged Alloy
Pistons 4 piston / 4 pad
Pads B-Spec*
Rotors 332 × 28mm
Lines Teflon + Steel Mesh
* Pads can be swapped for different compounds at extra cost
All P.MU Caliper Kits come with Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Lines & Brackets